The Peristal is "the  Flagship" of Karmanoia.

A surreal art installation that wants to scrutinize our general perception of material and non-material reality and to investigate new possibilities of perception,

thereby facilitating an individual’s access to his or her innate knowledge and potential.


Here culminates the entire creative potential of the Karmanoia consortium. 

The Karmanoia Consortium focuses its work on a human person and its development through experience.
about Peristal:
A Peristal is a combination of Alice in Wonderland, a playground for grownups and a creepy cabinet with amusement factor.

By virtue of particular arts and materials, free organic interior design and extraordinary setting people intuitively sharpen their senses and intensely perceive entities around them, as well as ones residing inside of them. The journey through this genuinely strange construction unveils secrets to ones who are willing to hark, question and take on challenges. As a result, each person passes through one truthful, remarkable and authentic experience.

For some, Peristal provides opportunity for intrinsic reflection with one self and surrounding environment. For other, it is simply an amusing experience of something different.
The one who is open for a change will find it in here.

Idea for term Peristal is derived from digestion process in bowel powered by a reflex for nourishment. In that sense, Peristal resembles human volition consistent with forward development and perpetual continuation and growth.



about Peristal "Singum":


Signum is the name of the last Peristal. It is the second Peristal. 

Within a 9 month period of continuous work, a small group of creative enthusiasts built surrealistic and at the same time accessible installation spreading on two floors. This spontaneous creation was built from scrap metal, used timber piling, glass bottles, one car and different sorts of civilization waste.


Singum represents a being which is in absolute tune with oneself due to development gained through his/her experiences. The being stands in harmony with all inner and outer components aspired or already accomplished.   


Some Images of the Peristal Singum Installation in Berlin 2010 - 2014

Pictures by JO HEMPEL


The White Room 

Weißer Raum



The Entrance






Erotic Temple






First stair to nowhere



Garden Eden



Frequence Feedback 









about Peristal " vom Arsch zur Seele"(from ass towards soul):

This Peristal was the first one after three other walking-trough installations.

It was build within 3 months from 2-5 people. Mainly made out of paper, fabric and waste.

The entry was from a usual outside toilet in the stairway of a old BerlinHouse.


Some Images of the Peristal "vom Arsch zur Seele"  in Berlin 2006 - 2009


Pictures by Sebastian Klatt











exit to the labyrinth Doku from Eileen Yaghoobian


Exit to the Labyrinth (excerpt) from Mark Frauenfelder on Vimeo.